What will 2022 bring for the lettings industry?


What will 2022 bring for the lettings industry? 


Our expert views on what the lettings sector could see in the coming 12 months.  


There is no indication that the lettings market will go down significantly in any shape or form. During the pandemic we have seen a drop in the number of new landlords entering the property market for various reasons including taxation and increased legislation. However one of the main reason is due to a shortage of stock and increase house prices, many landlords just cannot find the right deal and if they do it tends to get snapped up very quickly.


Locally in Bedford we have also seen that due to the introduction of article 4 the HMO market has been stabilised due to this new barrier to entry. As a result tenant demand has been very strong throughout 2021. In fact since the pandemic our void rates has been lower than ever before and rents have continued to increase in Bedford, this is clearly an indication that there is a shortage of rental properties. We predict this pattern to continue in Bedford and surrounding areas for the next 12 months. 


Our advice to potential landlords looking to purchase would is to be well prepared and be in a position to act quickly if you spot the right rental opportunity. Due the shortage in stock their are many cash ready buyers across the country just waiting for the perfect opportunity so there's definitely a lot competition . If you require investment advice and sourcing the right rental property, come and speak to one of Open House Bedford BTL specialist who can assist with your property investment goals. 


Mujahid Ali, Director at Open House Bedford 13/01/2022


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